Annual Physical Exam

The Importance of Your Annual Physical Exam


Many people think that the annual physical exam in Gadsden, AL, isn’t important, especially when they consider themselves healthy. However, there are a number of people who are living with a chronic disease that are unaware of their condition. Preventive care to offset any chronic disease should be an important aspect of life. Getting an annual physical exam is important for maintaining good health.


Going each year can give you an update to stay on top of your overall health. During the exam, a doctor will look at your height, weight, blood pressure, sugar levels, and cholesterol. If there is a sudden spike in blood pressure, doctors can do further testing to see if there should be a treatment plan in place before it becomes too severe. An annual physical exam can include things such as an exam of respiratory health, heart health, lab tests, screenings for gender, and age-appropriate cancer risk factors.