Primary Care Physician

What Is the Role of a Primary Care Physician?


A primary care physician is a specialist in internal medicine or family medicine that provides care to patients. A primary care physician is usually the first point of contact and the physician will take continuing care over a patient’s comprehensive care. This can include chronic, preventive, and acute care in both outpatient and inpatient settings.


A primary care physician will spend the majority of his or her time providing care services to a defined population of patients. In order to understand the role a little better, if medicine were a football game then this physician would be like the quarterback needed to direct the action.

These physicians know your health history and risk factors and are your go-to person that will direct care when you need to visit a specialist. These physicians can perform exams and tests, write prescriptions, and provide care across every stage of life. It helps to go to a primary care doctor first so you know what specialist to see for your condition.